Friday, February 25, 2011

What's Wrong With this Picture?

Watch this video and ask yourself what is wrong with this picture? How does this differ from any of the other TSA molestations that take place routinely in airport after airport around the country?

I'll give you a clue. It isn't an airport.

Government told us that the 4th amendment didn't apply to searches at airports because airports are different from the rest of the country. So we can suspend constitutional rights because of that difference.

But, now the TSA is expanding its authority, not just beyond the Constitution, or beyond the limits of human decency, but beyond their alleged purpose when they were created. Here we have TSA molesters operating in a train station. Well, we wouldn't want bin Laden flying a train full of luggage into a skyscraper, would we?

What is the excuse for expanding into train stations? Apparently the logic now is that anyplace a terrorist MIGHT attack is a "rights free" zone and government agents can search people, in the most intimate way possible without any probable cause or without a search warrant.

But what area wouldn't qualify? If train stations then why not bus stops? Why not shopping malls? Parking lots? Churches? Apartment buildings? Homes? Is there any place left where the 4th amendment is in effect? I think not.

The political class of Pavlovians merely chant "terrorist" and large numbers of the public give the conditioned response, salivating and demanding that government disrespect them, and strip them of rights that American's once jealously guarded.

This blogger has stopped flying. But the TSA is now going after us anywhere they can find us, not just airports.

Clearly the Obama Adminstration has to take the blame for this. But the Obamatrons, those cultists who worship the man, will make excuses and justify his actions. He isn't responsible, or he doens't know, or maybe he knows but he can't do anything about it, or maybe he knows and can do something about it but there are just damn good reasons for him to allow it. They remind me of Roger Baldwin, the founder of the ACLU, an organization I respect highly most of the time.

Baldwin turned a blind eye when Franklin Roosevelt engaged in massive racial profiling and rounded up Japanese-Americans and incarcerated them in concentration camps. Baldwin's excuse, to his fellow Leftists, was that Roosevelt was one of them. That is the most dangerous thing about have one "your own" in power, people tend to excuse their violations where they wouldn't do so for anyone else.

Remember how when paleoconservative Ron Paul was the idol of the balanced budget crowd who hated earmarks. Then Paul was see to use earmarks in very lucrative ways for his district. Overnight these people came up with "libertarian" excuses to justify earmarks. Had any other congressman done this, they would never have excused it. Suddenly they found new principles to justify it, some going so far as calling it "the" libertarian position.

Unless we repeal Homeland Security and the Patriot Act all constitutional rights will eventually be destroyed.

What can you do now? I like the restaurant that announced it would no longer allow TSA employees to eat there. They are located by an airport. The owner flys frequently and he knows the agents. He tells them they are not welcomed and they must leave.

We must collectively shun all TSA employees. If they are neighbors tell them you no longer wish to have anything to do with them. Don't just complain to them while they are molesting you at the airport. Tell every TSA employee you know, everywhere you meet them, that you consider them nothing more than the lowest of the low. We need to treat them, the way they treat us. We need to respect their rights the way they respect our rights.

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