Friday, February 11, 2011

TV Liberty: One-stop shop for videos on individual rights

TV Liberty is a project of the Moorfield Storey Institute.  We have over 230 different videos ranging from the humorous to the serious, across an array of topics. Adding up to several hundred hours of video, we have a convenient index on each page so that you can see what is available on specific topics. This is a true libertarian collection that includes pro-peace material with items about economic freedom. You will find the reasons that libertarians support marriage equality, drug legalization and deregulation. We don't shy away from defending property rights, sexual rights, and immigration.

If you have spent countless hours searching through various websites to see what videos they have available, stop searching. We accumulate in one spot the best videos from dozens of sources. Typically a search on YouTube brings forth hundreds of hits, most of them NOT what you are looking for. Here we gather just those videos that ought to interest libertarians.

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