Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Newest Loans from Adam Smith Benevolent Fund

Vahobov Hamza
As believers in voluntary charity we try to practice what we preach. The purpose of the Adam Smith Benevolent Fund, through the Moorfield Storey Institute, is to make donations or loans to worthy causes. Our microlending projects are meant to encourage self-sufficiency and encourage economic development in poorer nations. We believe that this development will reduce social conflict, increase individual well-being and promote peace.

In the microlending project we look for individuals who have exhibited some ability in their field and who need a temporary loan in order to expand their business. As these loans are repaid they accumulate and are then lent out to new individuals for new projects. A portion of donations we receive, as well as income earned through our book distribution service, www.fr33minds.com, are used for these charitable purposes.

The most recent loan we made is to Vahobov Hamza, who runs a business selling spare parts for cars in Kurgantyube, Tajikistan. Vahobov has been in business for 16 years and is an experience entrepreneur. His kiosk is located in a good location with lots of traffic. He started his business because he wanted independence from government and from working for someone else. He wishes to expand his business. We wish him the best in his venture and are happy to make a small loan to make this possible.

Half of this loan is new money invested by the Storey Institute and half is from previous loans that are being paid back.

We recently made a donation, not a loan, to the Master Teachers by Satellite for Afghanistan project run by our friend Carol Ruth Silver. Using the One Laptop Per Child laptop computer the program delivers education to children without schools and without teachers. In Kabul at this time Carol Ruth reports that the city is looking better but that the most exciting thing for her is "crowds of girls, in their white scarf uniform, coming from their shift at schools." We are pleased to have a small part in helping this worthy project and appreciate Carol Ruth's efforts, throughout the years, to make life better for everyone.

As a charitable, educational organization we rely entirely on donations or income earned through the sales of book at our fr33minds.com website. Your help allows us to continue our educational efforts to insure equal rights for all Americans, to promote the concepts and values of a free and just society, and to help promote economic development in the developing world. You may make donations either by calling our toll-free at 866-254-3701 or by donating through the Fr33minds website.

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