Monday, May 23, 2011

Gary Johnson, Drug Warriors and Gay Bullies?

We continue to post a regular column at Huffington Post regarding various issues impacting on civil liberties and personal freedom today. While we don't know the per page readership for the columns it is certainly safe to say that tens of thousands of people read them, it not hundreds of thousands. Huffington Post is one of the most widely read websites on the Net today.  Here are links to our most recent articles and a brief description of them.

 Can a Pro-Gay, Pot Legalizing, Fiscal Conservative Win the White House? A discussion about the campaign of Gary Johnson, the former governor of New Mexico who is arguably the only consistent libertarian running for president. Unlike paleoconservative Ron Paul, Johnson supports a woman's right to choose, is not opposed to legal recognition of gay relationships, doesn't support the budget-busting wall on the border and immigrant bashing. He's a Republican with a difference.

Drug Warriors Gun Down Young Father Jose Guerena was sound asleep after pulling a all-nighter when the SWAT team showed up at house. His terrified wife screamed for him. He jumped out of bed, told her to hide and picked up his rifle. He barely got outside his room before being gun downed in hail of bullets, his gun safety was still on. And now the Tucson sheriff has gone into silence mode and won't tell people what happened. But we know the first accounts they offered the public were false.

Republican Bungling Confirmed: Gay Bullies Exonerated It was claimed by the Religious Right that the law firm of King & Spalding dropped their defense of the Defense of Marriage Act because gay bullies forced them to do so. That was spin. The facts turned out that the contract with House Republicans to defend DOMA had never been approved, would have violated the rights of K&S employees and forced the firm to drop existing clients. The firm did not consent to taking on the case and weren't bulled into "dropping" it.

Santorum Debates Out of Both Sides of His Mouth  Rick Santorum is staking out the far Right theocratic wing of the Republican Party as his own. In a recent debate he started out arguing that the GOP has to push a moralistic agenda but at the end of the debate said no one should judge the affairs and multiple marriages of Newt Gingrich. Apparently the Republican's morality agenda only applies to the rest of the nation, not to Republican officials and candidates.

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