Sunday, November 20, 2011

Our Top Ten Columns at Huffington Post

The following are the top ten columns we have at Huffington Post as judged by the number of Facebook "likes" each column has received. We do not necessarily agree that these are the ten best columns. There are others which, in our judgment, should have been higher than they were. Here is each column by name, with a link and short description. These are in reverse order.

#10 The Artificial Imposition of Poverty: Deals with the reality of poverty in Africa and how the African people themselves are industrious and hard working but that corrupt governments impeded their economic progress and plunder their wealth.

#9 Baby Samuel Finally Comes Home: This was our first column. It told the story of Samuel Ghilain and how Belgian bureaucrats forced the child to stay in an orphanage for two years because he was born to a surrogate mother. His father's repeated requests were rejected because they had no "policy" to deal with the issue.

#8 Drug Warriors Gun Down Young Father: How a bad drug raid lead to the gunning down of an Iraqi War verteran in Tucson, Arizona.

#7 Gays, Lies and Videotape: Video of the Proposition 8 trial in California exists, but the advocates of Prop 8 are trying to keep the video under wraps. Why? The video will show how their campaign was a tissue of lies and how they couldn't substantiate their accusations in court.

#6 How Texas May Accidentally Legalize Same-Sex Marraige: Texas passed a new law refusing to recognize sex change operations. We argued the result would be that some same-sex marriages would be allowed provided one partner is transgendered. Some time later that actually happened.

#5 F.A. Hayek Against the Conservative: Hayek was not a conservative and outlined his precise problems with conservatives, something conservatives try to overlook.

#4 Why Atheists Aren't Afraid to Die: It is precisely because atheists do not believe in life after death that they do fear it.

#3 Gay Marriage Poll Touted by Mormons Seems Dubious: A poll that the Deseret News said showed a majority of Americans oppose marriage equality was, in simple terms, rigged through a selective polling process. The actual poll results showed how it was done.

#2 The Gay Marriage Revolution Started Centuries Ago: Discusses how the rise of classical liberalism changed how marriage is viewed for the better, setting the groundwork for today's debate about marriage equality.

#1 Can a Pro-Gay, Pot Legalizing, Fiscal Conservative Win the White House?: Discusses the unique, libertarian positions of Gov. Gary Johnson and his bid for the White House.

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