Monday, December 6, 2010

The Civil Rights Fight of this Decade?

Next some really odd Republican logic, after the break.

Senator Sessions is one of these Republicans who has been arguing that gay people can't serve openly because they might shower with straight soldiers and that will,... well, they are never quite clear what it will do. But is damn scary whatever it is.

Someone with a video camera stops him and asks about another "vulnerable" group: high school students. After all, if grown, trained soldiers are unable to bear the trauma of having gay people in the shower room then what about the younger, less hardened high school student.

Logic would seem to say that that Sessions would have to admit the case for banning openly gay students from gym class is even greater than the case for throwing them out of the military. Instead he does just the opposite, invoking "it's a free country" argument as to why nothing should be done. So apparently Marines are not as tough as high school kids -- well, that certainly explains the lingering wars.

Of course Sessions is just merely trying to avoid looking silly for recommending that gay kids be banned from gym class. (Good lord, what would he have done if he knew my school had nude swimming --- yes, at the time it was boys only.)

But in trying not to look ridiculous, by endorsing a gym class DADT policy, he looks even sillier trying to defend the current DADT for the military. Such is the logic that Republicans are forced to indulge in these just to placate the Religious Right.

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